Team LeadiD Orangekicks and Seal

#OrangeKicks 2014 - Join the Revolution!

It all started during the Summer of 2012 when LeadiD launched the #OrangeKicks revolution, a grassroots movement led by industry peers including lead creators, agencies, aggregators, call centers, 3rd party technologies and lead buyers.

At LeadsCon New York City 2012 over 100 of these industry peers donned their orange shoes to show support for LeadiD and the #OrangeKicks movement. Wearing #OrangeKicks has become a personal and professional commitment to bring confidence, clarity and trust back to lead generation. At LeadsCon, #OrangeKicks were worn throughout the conference, on stage, in private meetings, and on early AM runs in the city. Further, it was a super stylish way to network with fellow buyers and sellers, like a secret handshake for insiders.

At LeadsCon Vegas 2013, more than 500 partners rocked #OrangeKicks!

While attending and exhibiting at LeadsCon Vegas, our team saw an amazing collection of unique #OrangeKicks at meetings and in the exhibit hall. Supporters happily stopped by the LeadiD booth to show them off. #OrangeKicks were worn on stage and at events throughout the week. Some even had glow-in–the-dark orange laces for after parties!

Get your pair of #OrangeKicks today!

Support the LeadiD #OrangeKicks movement and help promote confidence, clarity and trust in lead generation. Buy a pair of Order your #OrangeKicks and wear them proudly at your next industry conference, summit, speaking engagement or lead generation event. If someone asks about your #OrangeKicks, tell them about LeadiD. We’re changing the industry together, one pair of #OrangeKicks at a time.

Click here to learn more about the #OrangeKicks Guidelines and join the movement with over 500 peers at LeadsCon!