LeadiD Orangekicks and Converse Sneakers

#OrangeKicks - Guidelines

  1. Supplies are limited, we will make every effort to fulfill your request.
  2. By requesting and taking receipt of #OrangeKicks you are agreeing to wear your footwear onsite at industry conferences, summits and events.
  3. The #OrangeKicks movement is for everyone attending LeadsCon. Please contact us if you have a large team attending.
  4. You can choose any sneaker or footwear of your liking from Amazon, Shoe Buy, Zappos or nearly any other online retailer.
  5. The majority of the shoe must be orange (shades of orange are entirely acceptable).
  6. You are permitted to select any make and model; cross trainer, running shoe, loafer, heal, etc.
  7. Price is flexible though we ask that you respect our ability to provide footwear for your colleagues and constituents. Ideally $85 or less when possible.
  8. Please pick a pair that speaks to you, a pair that you will wear socially of freewill.
  9. Most common #OrangeKicks to date: Adidas, Nike, Toms Shoes, Puma, Converse.
  10. Only requests made by firms working with LeadiD will be honored.
  11. #OrangeKicks may be required to gain entrance to special LeadiD VIP networking events.
  12. In most cases the first two pairs of #OrangeKicks for you and your firm are covered by LeadiD. After that we ask that you purchase #OrangeKicks for your team. Over 100 peers have already purchased their own.
  13. Over 500 peers have already purchased their own.
  14. For every pair of #OrangeKicks purchased by our partners LeadiD donates a pair of shoes to those in need. See Soles4Souls and more here http://bit.ly/1fp1YUt.

Warning wearing #OrangeKicks to industry events may result in the following side effects: increased new business, increased allocation, increased trust and increased comfort

Order your #OrangeKicks!